Ever since we began architecture, we had an abhorrence to conventional architecture. There was something about the atmosphere of redundancy, routine and so called professionalism, that made us allergic to the on going work around.

Our projects have developed in unexpected directions through a practice which does not mimic existing procedures and norms but attempts to break through the excitement, adventure and mystery of architecture. Our modernist compositions, often characterized by varied materials and forms and technical support makes our work speak...................though hard to say that we define a style, a language yet. Some of our works even reflect less of an architectural style or a personal expression, they are often attempts to reflect the actual cultural circumstances that produce them.

Our industrial projects are a product of machine aesthetic age. The conventional metallic traditions are followed with a more contemporary approach. with efforts to understand metal and prudently use not only structurally hut aesthetically as well. Our residential designs have private dwelling spaces impulsively removed from the intensity of the world outside. Our commercial projects/ interiors are more an expression of the client's image and style of working. Crisp, simple contemporary neat lines, outline their set of requirements to generate the final outcome. A glimpse through our work would definitely state that there exists a syntax, though defined differently in various projects, be it a syntax of grids, layers, fenestrations, forms or for that matter of fact even material.