Sanofi Pasteur Saket, New Delhi


Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines business of Sanofi Aventis Group is the largest company in the world devoted entirely to human vaccines with a staff of more than 8500 employees and headquarters in Lyon, France. It has its presence felt in more than 1 50 countries, particularly in North America, western Europe, Middle East, China, Japanand several other places. The company has always balanced a command in their field with modern administration. Its recent 8,000 sq.ft. office premises exemplifies its outlook for crisp and meticulous functioning through its similar achieved layout and ambience. Strikingly oriented fixed glass planes which hide the conference area behind for more than 30 people, hit the visitors eye as one walks in. An interesting play of voluptuous forms against this glass wall seems melodramatic. Each form houses a multi- functional environment to address the firm's needs for conferencing, video conferencing and training programs. Re-configurable furniture and state-of-the-art audio visual equipment facilitate these activities. The new office set up valued practicality by assigning almost everyone to open plan work stations rather than private offices. Yet pragmatism did not prelude the privacy of cabins for various department heads including finance, marketing, administration, H.R etc. The director's cabins proximity to the conference not only renders a visual connection but an easy access as well. A small cafeteria and other services including common toilets, server room and admin. Stores are tucked behind the oval shaped conference room, rendering an easy access to the staff from the work pool area.

Facts + Figures

Client: Interiors for Sanofi Pasteur
Carpet area: 8000 sq.ft.
Cost of Construction (approx)::110 lacs
Year of Commencement:2006
Year of Completion:2007

 Sanofi Pasteur Saket, New Delhi  Sanofi Pasteur Saket, New Delhi  Sanofi Pasteur Saket, New Delhi  Sanofi Pasteur Saket, New Delhi