Lee and Muirhead Samalkha


The handsome new 2500 sq. ft. of office interiors, designed for a multinational logistics firm, LEE & MUIRHEA0, adjacent to its warehousing activity in Samalkha. Delhi, is a visual prospectus to be read by current and prospective clients. The organizations needs stated public and intmate spaces to be caved in such a manner that would impart a feeling of openness to the floor plate Thus all efforts were being made to work out a combination of contemporary office functions with fresh ideas about collaborative team based work, to give the employees an open informal and interactive workplace The shape of the site rendered clues about generating such interactive spaces at the intersection of grids in two directions The dynamics of the floor plate were used to create such spaces like the conference, cabins, directors room etc along the straighter peripheries, leaving ample spaces for more interactive work pools and informal discussions in the center. A desirable combination of stone and glass planes used in this area visually blocks the visitor's view to the entire office, leaving behind certain glimpses of the activities inside. the junction of floor plate grids yields a large triangular patch, which becomes the focus. Sensible play in flooring and ceiling accentuates this triangular patch. Large inclined triangular ceiling with circular cutouts, reveal the services above and simultaneously impart a cruder look. In totality, the entire exercise acknowledges the clients’ needs for spaces that help in more proliale relationships for their customers

Facts + Figures

Client:Lee and Muirhead
Carpet area :2200 sq.ft.
Cost of Construction (approx):35 lacs
Year of Commencement:2001
Year of Completion:2003

Lee and Muirhead Samalkha Lee and Muirhead Samalkha