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Before commencing any project, a conscious effort is made to be sensitive towards the site, the occupants, and the materiality; the consequence of which are efficient and effective designs. Our inspiration comes with an unrelenting zeal to constantly take on new challenges so that each project is explored and executed differently.

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Name of publication : Architect & Interiors India Project : Inputs on Deco-D├ęcor theme: Manisha Hakim Month & year : Published in February 2020 Link to publication : https://www.architectandinteriorsindia.com/7461-introducing-8-interior-trends This trend is in the space of elegance and redefined sophistication. It is a fusion of materials like wood, marble, metallic, bright and contrasting colours. Manisha

Name of publication : Realty Plus Project : Stonex Month & year : Published in March 2020 Link to publication : https://realtyplusmag.com/design-that-stands-testament-to-strength-and-perfection/ Design that stands testament to strength and perfection. Dinesh Panwar, Principal Architect- Urbanscape Architects in conversation with Leandra Monteiro shares the inspiration behind his latest project Stonex Kishangarh and the challenges he overcame

Name of publication : Commercial Design Magazine Project : Office for NBFL Month & year : Published in March 2020 Link to publication : https://www.commercialdesignindia.com/projects/5886-nature-bio-foods-ltd-office-by-urbanscape-architects Urbanscape Architects is a multi-disciplinary firm based in New Delhi, India. The studio is engaged in the design of building typologies such as residences, schools, offices, industrial buildings, mixed-use

Name of publication : Outlook India Project : Post-pandemic home design trends: Manisha's Inputs Month & year : Published in June 2020 Link to publication : https://www.outlookindia.com/newsscroll/home-experts-predict-postpandemic-trends-in-home-design/1862721 "Ultra -luxurious interiors will give way to more practical and safer elements in design. I personally would prefer more voice automated/contactless technology for entryways, kitchens etc. Having

Name of publication : IANS Life Project : Post-pandemic home design trends: Manisha's Inputs Month & year : Published in June 2020 Link to publication : https://ianslife.in/life-style/home-experts-predict-post-pandemic-trends-home-design From bigger work dens to better integration of lounge spaces like home gyms and play rooms, homes will be designed to fit the new all-encompassing residence. The novel

Name of publication : Interior Design Magazine (International) Project : Urbanscape Office Month & year : Published in June 2020 Link to publication : https://interiordesign.net/projects/18096-urbanscape-seeks-out-rare-stretch-of-greenery-for-delhi-office/ Urbanscape Seeks Out Rare Stretch of Greenery for Delhi Office. The urban village of Shahpur Jat in Delhi is among the densest in India. It's also home to Urbanscape, and

NAME OF PUBLICATION: GoodHomes PROJECT : Apartment at DLF Magnolias MONTH & YEAR: Published in June 2020 LINK TO PUBLICATION: https://www.goodhomes.co.in/home-decor/home-tours/urbanscape-architects-project-in-delhis-dlf-magnolias-6334.html Urbanscape Architects design a luxe apartment in Gurugram's DLF magnolias. The designers refrained from conforming to the conventional style for this home. A design story brought to life by colour, textures, details, and patterns

NAME OF PUBLICATION: Volume Zero (International) PROJECT : Profile feature - Dinesh Panwar MONTH & YEAR:  Published in February 2020 LINK TO PUBLICATION: https://volzero.com/article_news/view/urbanscape-architects- VZ: How has an abhorrence to conventional architecture helped in shaping your own unique practice? US: Upon graduating from architecture college, we realized that there was a huge difference between how